your support is key to success

  • Attend the troop cookie meeting
  • Volunteer to help the troop
  • Return the permission slip before selling
  • Make sure your Girl Scout is a registered member for this year
  • Help her set goals and track progress
  • Help her use all the tools of success including creating a COCO account
  • Accompany her as she sells - spend time together!
  • Help her achieve her goal by taking her to your workplace, assisting with phone orders and volunteering at the troop’s cookie booth
  • Help her live by the Girl Scout Promise and Law, and discuss how it applies to business ethics through the Cookie Program
  • A Girl Scout is always honest and fair and waits until February 8 to start selling

See the Cookie Family Guide for more information

Cookie Calendar

February 8
Sales begin! Girls have their cookies and sell directly to customers. If a Girl Scout prefers to sell cookies using the traditional order card, she may do so beginning today. Remember, regardless of sale method, all money is collected when cookies are delivered.

February 21
Direct Sellers: Turn in any money collected from cookie sales to troop leader and place additional order for cookies if needed with your Troop Cookie Coordinator.

RETURNS are due on or before February 21. You may return any unopened, clean (no writing), cases of cookies to your troop cookie coordinator. This is the ONLY opportunity to return cookies.

February 23
Girls selling cookies using traditional order cards, submit the order to the Troop Cookie Coordinator.

March 3-8
Cookie pick-up time and customer delivery for girls using traditional order form.

By March 14
Turn in any money collected from sales to troop leader and, if needed, order more cookies.

March 23
End of Cookie Sale! All cookies should be sold and money collected. Return all money to leader or Troop Cookie Coordinator.