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Health Heroes Patch

Health Heroes Patch

Every year Badgerland Council offers a year-long community service patch program. In 2014, the spotlight is all about health and wellness in our communities!

Girl Scouts, their troops, friends and families are encouraged to participate in a project that will make the community a little healthier. The project will involve choosing and researching a health-related topic, creating an advocacy plan then spreading the word about your topic. This is a great opportunity for girls to discover the meaning of advocacy while learning about an issue that interests them.

What Project Should I Do?

The topic and project should be something that the girl(s) are interested in and motivated to see change in their communities. The projects should be age-appropriate and relevant for the girls.

How to find a topic:

  • Ask the girls what their interests are – find a common interest.
  • Visit a local library to get inspired
  • Read the newspaper for ideas
  • Talk to family and friends about issues that are important to them.
  • Watch the local or national news for important and relevant issues
  • Ask the girls if there is anything they would like to learn more about, like a specific disease or illness.

Project examples:

  • Food allergies – an informational booth at the grocery store bringing awareness to food allergies and how to cope.
  • Eating more vegetables – a troop creates informational handouts about the importance of eating more vegetables.
  • Bullying – a troop takes on the subject of bullying for the entire year. They complete the aMaze journey and hold a bullying awareness event.
  • Exercise – a troop holds a field day where they have lots of games and activities; they also talk about how important and easy it is to incorporate exercise into your life!
  • Lyme Disease – a troop has an informational booth at the local library informing the public about Lyme’s Disease and the importance of checking for ticks.
  • Diabetes – a troop writes a letter to the local paper to post about eating healthy to prevent diabetes.

Connect this to a badge or journey!

There are many badges and journeys that are wellness oriented! They are a great place to look for inspiration for a topic or project. Girls can even incorporate HealthHeroes into her journey or badge requirements to make her Girl Scouting even more special!

  • Daisy-Between Earth and Sky journey, Gloria petal
  • Brownie– My Best Self badge, Hiker badge, Snacks badge
  • Junior-Staying Fit badge, Social Butterfly badge, Get Moving journey
  • Cadette-aMaze journey, Eating for Beauty badge, New Cuisines badge
  • Senior-Women’s Health badge, Sow What journey, Cross Training badge
  • Ambassador-First Aid badge, Your Voice Your World journey

Words to Know

Advocacy: The act of gaining active support for an idea, cause, or issue.

Wellness: Being mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy.

Health:  state of complete physical, mental and social well- being and not merely the absence of disease

Additional definitions: KidsHealth provides a very comprehensive list of kid-friendly definitions.

Patch Order Form

Download the patch order form

Mail the completed forms to:

Attn: Health Heroes
2710 Ski Lane
Madison, WI 53713