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*All programs are listed by the grade she is completing this spring.

Seniors & Ambassadors
Be prepared for a real-life experience living and training just like professional firefighters, EMTs and police officers. You’ll bunk at the ‘station’ with your crew and train at facilities around Madison
Grades 8-12

Spend four days living and training with your crew just like real firefighters, police officers and EMTs.
Grades 5-7

Make new friends as you explore the excitement and challenges that police officers, firefighters and EMTs face every day.
Grades 3-4

Real firefighters, police officers and EMTs lead this day packed with fun. Learn about fingerprinting, search for someone who is lost, put out fires and give first aid.
Grades 1-2

Daisies and their adult buddies will spend time with police officers, firefighters and EMTs who will lead the activity stations.
Grades Pre-K to Kindergarten