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Membership Dues Increase Announced

We have recently learned that Girl Scout membership dues will increase $10 next year. Membership this year remains the same. We are communicating this information to you early so your troop can plan for this change.

With the increase, membership fees for Badgerland girl members will be $35 and $25 for adults. The girl membership fee includes the $10 Badgerland Council Service Fee which is not increasing. All membership dues, except the $10 Council Service Fee, go directly to Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA).

The membership dues hike, the first since 2013, was approved by the National Board of Girls Scouts of the USA. The board voted to increase dues to ensure the necessary resources to support the cost of fundamental services that support the Girl Scout Movement. GSUSA is committed to continued investment and development of new technology platforms and enhancements to girls’ program experiences in the outdoors, STEM, entrepreneurship and life skills. Membership dues also support GSUSA’s robust research initiatives as we maintain our national leadership as the world expert on girls.

The dues increase will be implemented with membership renewal in the spring of 2017, and all registrations thereafter, for the 2018 membership year, which begins October 1, 2017.

Girl Scouts of Wisconsin–Badgerland is committed to ensure that all girls can fully participate in our program, and as always, will continue to provide financial assistance accordingly.

As the largest leadership development organization for girls, a Girl Scout membership is one of the most valuable investments anyone can make in a girl’s life. The 2018 dues increase reflects the value of the unique and meaningful 21st century Girl Scout experience we deliver to all girls.

For additional information about why the decision was made, visit GSUSA’s Membership Dues Increase FAQ page.