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Wisconsin's Top Cookie Seller


Meet go-getter Molly Lenius, who sold 6004 boxes of cookies.

This Junior Girl Scout is Badgerland's tip top cookie seller. Molly was one determined 4th grader going into the 2017 cookie season. She set an ambitious goal - to be Badgerland's top seller, as well as the number one cookie seller in all of Wisconsin. And with a lot of hard work and persistence, she reached her goal by selling a stunning 6004 boxes of cookies! Molly sold more cookies than any other Girl Scout in the Badger State. And, rightfully so, she is pretty psyched about it.

How'd she do it? She chunked it out. Molly set small, daily selling goals, and calculated how many days it would take her to get to the next selling level. On average, Molly sold about 200 boxes every day during the 5-week Cookie Program. And, thanks to the math skills she's learned as a cookie boss, Molly is super good at figuring out her goals and making change with customers. During cookie booths, one of her favorite things to do was call out to potential customers, "5 boxes for $20, 10 boxes for $40, 25 boxes for $100, 250 boxes for $1000 or 250,000 boxes for a million!" Her technique worked. She said more than one customer stopped to buy multiple boxes after hearing her sales pitch. Molly's favorite thing this cookie season was meeting new people and seeing repeat customers.

Molly earned a trip to the Grand Canyon this summer thanks to her can-do attitude. Congrats Molly!

PS: If Molly's name is familiar, that's because her big sister, Victoria, was the 2016 top cookie seller. We can't wait to see what the Lenius sisters will do next in Girl Scouts...these leaders know how to get the job done!