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The Girl Scout Cookie Program is about way more than cookies. 

The Cookie Program is also about your Girl Scout learning five skills that will transfer over into other areas of her life. Sure, learning money management will likely help her when she's in high school, college or beginning her professional life. But you might also notice she is more responsible with her allowance now.

The Cookie Program isn’t just about cookies – it’s about giving girls a valuable life experience that will help shape them into the type of young woman who grows up to be a smart, responsible citizen of the world. And we can all agree that we want to raise those types of girls.

This page will provide you a quick overview of everything you need to know about the 2019 Cookie Program.

Dates to Remember
January Attend the Troop Cookie Planning Meeting
January 13, 19 or 20 
Girls and troops in grades K-3 who are brand new to selling cookies attend CookiePalooza Kick-offs
January 12 or 26
Girls in grades 2-12 attend CookiePalooze Kick-offs
Mid-January Look for an email from and set up her account so she can send eCards to family and friends
February 9 Cookie sales begin
March 1 Last day to return cookies to the troop 
March 17 Sales end; turn in all your cookie money to the troop leader
2019 Cookie Family Guide