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Badgerland’s Fall Fundraiser:

A Family & Friends Sale

October 3-21, 2018

What’s for Sale?
Nuts, sweets, magazines, Tervis and stainless steel tumblers, organic veggies and candles.

It’s So Easy to Do! Here’s How it Works in 3 Steps.


Girls invite families, friends and neighbors to order online. These items are shipped directly to the customer.


Girls grab an order card and take orders for nuts, sweets and magazines from family, friends and neighbors.


Girls turn in their in-person orders to troop leaders. Troop leaders give girls their items to deliver in mid-November

Login to online nutshell sales here

Online Sales
Simplify your nutshell sale: do it online. All registered girls will receive an email link to set-up their online store, or click the button above to get started. Personalize her page together then send email invitations to friends and family. Online shoppers pay with a credit card and have their orders shipped directly to their address. And, girls earn the same rewards for all her online sales just the same as her in-person sales.

Take the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge before launching her online sale.


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