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Troop Checkout Resources

Need supplies? Want to have a ‘meeting in a bag’? We have them for you! Check below for great resources you can use with your troop at your meeting or on an adventure.


Ice Age Trail Kits

Explore the Ice Age trail with tools and resources created and donated by Troop 2030. Available at Madison and Janesville shops.
PEAK Promoting Environmental Awareness in Kids/Leave No Trace Curriculum
Financial Literacy

Savvy Shopper Program Kit (Junior)
Learn the difference between wants  and needs while working on this badge. Girls will gain tools to be able to critically think about making savvy money choices in the future, whether it’s with fashion, shopping for groceries, or setting goals to reach their dreams.

  • Program corresponds to the Junior Savvy Shopper badge
  • $0 deposit
  • Program Kit can be checked out from all Girl Scout Service Centers and Summit Credit Unions.
  • Badges are provided at no cost and will be mailed once the kit is returned.

Girl Scout Cookie Program Financial Literacy Program Kit (all levels)
The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest financial literacy program for girls! With this kit, girls will learn what a goal is, how to set goals as part of their cookie business, and how to brainstorm ideas on what to do with their cookie money.

  • Program corresponds to Daisy Count It Up and Money Counts, Brownie Meet My Customers, Junior Cookie CEO
  • $0 deposit
Healthy Living

Food Group Fun! Program Kit (Daisy, Brownie, Junior)
Learn all about the food groups as you become a sugar detective, play food group bingo, create your own balanced meal and have lots of food group fun.

  • Program Kit corresponds to Brownie My Best Self badge
  • $15 deposit

Be Your Best Program Kit (Daisy, Brownie, Junior)
Discover how to be your best self while exploring ways to stay healthy and happy. Play games, pamper yourself and create a happy box.

  • Program Kit corresponds to Brownie My Best Self badge
  • $15 deposit

Drills and Skills Program Kit (Daisy, Brownie, Junior)
Play games, dance and have fun all while discovering how to practice with a purpose.

  • Program Kit corresponds to Junior Practice With A Purpose badge
  • $15 deposit

Get Moving! Healthy Habits Program Kit (Junior)
Mix up your Get Moving! Journey and add in some healthy living activities! This tote has materials and activities that teach girls about energy, and the energy they need to be active leaders. Games, experiments and activities will help girls learn to be healthy and help make their environment healthy, too.

  • Program corresponds to It’s Your Planet! Love it! Get Moving! Journey
  • $15 deposit

Get Moving! Program Kit (Junior)
Are you working on your Get Moving! Journey? Check out this tote to find more projects that helps girls understand how they can engineer ways to save energy, and complete experiments that help explain the science of energy. There are games, dancing and baking activities, too!

  • Program corresponds to It’s Your Planet! Love it! Get Moving! Journey
  • $15 deposit

Double Dutch Rope (26)

Parachute (large and small, 3 total)

Tug of War Rope (1)


Binoculars (7)

Dutch Ovens (4)


Knot Boards and Rope (5 boards)

Magnifying Glasses (15)

Outdoor Cooking Utensils (6 kits)

Pudgie Pie Irons (26)

Roasting Sticks (42)

Snowshoes (6 pairs)

Tents (3 +1 extra rain fly)



Galileoscopes (All Girl Scout Levels)
Galileoscopes were created by a team of astronomers, educators and optical engineers to learn fundamental skills in optics and astronomy using a modernized rendering of the very first telescope: the same model used by Galileo Gailei more than 400 years ago! Our set of seven Galileoscopes can be used in tandem with the free educational resources available at

  • Use Galileoscopes to earn the new Space Science Badges (Daisy, Brownie, Junior) and the Cadette Night Owl badge
  • $20 deposit (comes with 5 telescopes)

Energy and Circuits Program Kit
(Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette)
Light up lights, spin motors, and make buzzers buzz! Squishy circuits are fun kits that help girls learn about circuits and electricity. Design a toy like an engineer using the kits, and discover more activities that help girls conserve energy with their troop at home.

  • Program corresponds to It’s Your Planet! Love it! Get Moving! Journey
  • $20 deposit

Geocacher! Program Kit (Brownie, Junior, Cadette, Senior, Ambassador)
Get outside and explore the world! This tote is loaded with materials to help girls gain an understanding of what Geocaching is – a fun way to search for hidden treasures using GPS units. The kits includes 2 GPS units, compasses, and materials to complete the Geocacher badge.

  • Program corresponds to Junior Geocacher badge
  • $100 deposit

Girl Scout Makers Kits (all levels)
Makers create, build, design and engineer amazing things every day. Girl Scout Makers will learn to use technology to make a difference. Each Maker Kit includes all the pieces your girls need to complete the steps to earn the Maker patch, along with simple instructions and an Adult Learning Guide. Girls do not need to be in a certain level to earn that patch. For example, a Junior troop could earn the Brownie and Junior Makers patches.

  • $30 deposit per kit
  • Daisy Makers Kit: Buttons and switches are at your fingertips with Snap Circuits Extreme.
  • Brownie Makers Kit: Use littleBits to create your own amazing invention.
  • Junior Makers Kit: Click blocks of code together like Legos to program a tiny computer.
  • Cadette Makers Kit: Ready to write your own code? Follow along with Super Awesome Sylvia.
  • Senior Makers Kit: Write the soundtrack of your life with a computer the size of a library card.
  • Ambassador Makers Kit: Code, create and test your own Android app.

Take the Girl Scout Makers Kit evaluation:

GoldieBlox Kit (Brownie)
Explore mechanical engineering in a fun, hands-on way and earn a new Girl Scout badge. Create a glider, car, and bouncy bot using the pieces in the kit. No building instructions are provided. Use your creativity to design your own GoldieBlox creation or follow the pictures provided in the kit to build them.

  • Program corresponds with the Brownie Mechanical Engineering badge.
  • $25 deposit 

Kitchen Chemistry Program Kit (Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette)
Concoct crazy creations, bubble up some excitement, and learn how science is super fun! This kit includes basic materials to use while mixing common household items to discover the inner chemist in every girl. Safety goggles, recipes and explanations are included, but you will need to purchase food and other materials.

  • Program corresponds to Brownie Home Scientist badge
  • $15 deposit

Microscopes (Daisy, Brownie, Junior)
Have fun and explore the world up-close, under a microscope. Plant and bug slides are included with the microscope kit. Learn how a microscope works on this website.

  • Program corresponds to Brownie Bugs badge and Junior Flowers badge.
  • $15 deposit
  • 25 microscopes available

Ozobots Robotics Kit (all levels)
Meet Ozobots, tiny robots capable of incredible things! Girls of all levels will love using the Ozobot Robotics Kit to discover computer science, machine learning, energy, digital art and more. Each Ozobot Robotics Kit comes with 6 Ozobot Bit Robots, markers (also compatible with any chisel-tipped markers), USB hub & charging cables, and a selection of pre-printed lesson plans to copy for your troop. Click on the Ozobot Curriculum Guide to find links to dozens more free activities plus connections to journeys and badges.

  • Ozobots can be used to complement the Think Like an Engineer Journey, Think Like a Programmer Journey, Get Moving Journey, Robotics Badges, and Game Learning Badges.
  • $100 deposit
Candle Creations Kit (2)
Engineering Toys Kit (1)


Ceremony Logs (12) for candles

Ceremony Gloves (21)

Event Flags (3ft x 5ft flags with 8 foot poles and stands)

Flag holsters (4)

Parade Flags (2ft x 3ft flags with 6 foot poles)
  - Badgerland Girl Scout flag
  - Wisconsin flag

Parade Banners (6x2’ banner with 8’ pole)                                                        -‘Girl Scouts of Wisconsin – Badgerland Council’

Sewing Machines  

Safety Vests (Donated by United Rentals, contact United Rentals for additional Safety Items)

Musical Instruments small bin of musical instruments (1 kit)

Ice Cream Maker- Electric (1)

String Quilt Blocks (14)

Girl Scout History Kit (3)

Sally the Stone and Friends books (5)

Rhythm Kit (3)

Button Making kit (1)


Take Action Idea Generators


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