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Adult Enrichment

It takes time, energy, and commitment to raise awesome girls. That's why we've created events just for Girl Scout parents, volunteers and supporters.  

iConnect DB

Forum for Daisy and Brownie leaders and caregivers. Best place to get troop help, info, support and new ideas for your age of girls.

iConnect JCSA

Forum for Junior, Cadette, Senior and Ambassador leaders and caregivers. Great support and idea sharing here.


Here's a casual gathering space for Girl Scout adults including volunteers, caregivers and supporters, to meet in person.

Raising Awesome Girls

For all grown-ups supporting a Girl Scout. Here you will find Girl Scout
resources, ideas and tips as we join together to raise awesome girls.

Respect Myself & Others

That creed is part of the Girl Scout Law. This space is for you to relax and share self-care best practices to be your best self and connect with others.