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Badgerland Girl Scouts

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Whoa! The world sure looks different today than it did a few weeks ago, but make no mistake...Girl Scouts are unstoppable! We can do Girl Scout projects at home.  These resources are for girls, families and volunteers to access on your time frame.

Check this page often for resources, tips and activities because we will be updating it every week.

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Badgerland Events Coming Up!
Recent Badgerland Events (video links!)

Cadette Public Speaker Workshop Part 1

Cadette Public Speaker Workshop Part 2

Brownie Democracy Badge Part 1

Brownie Democracy Badge Part 2

8/17: Daisy and Brownie Read-Along: Ordinary Mary

8/19: Podcasting with Sheryl Robinson

8/20: Juniors Inside Government Part 1

19th Amendment Centennial Events


WI Suffragists Unite! Host: WI Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Dallet

Link Coming Soon


Suffragists' Strategize! Host: Denise Gaumer-Hutchison

Link coming soon


Get Your Bells & Let's Ring in the 19th Amendment!

Link coming soon




Move-it Monday



Join our own Rachel Z for a short fun workout activity that spells out Girl Scouts! Each letter will be a different exercise? You in? Hop on and do it along with Rachel and Girl Scouts around Badgerland.

Girl Scout Traditions



Learn the Girl Scout Law:

Girl Scout Law Bingo Sheet

Celebrating Community with Your Fellow Suffragettes | Brownies

Earn the Celebrating Community badge for Brownies! Make a suffragist tunic, learn a Suffragist song, learn about landmarks in Wisconsin and make a banner.

Video coming soon





In this video Badgerland's Tracy and Girl Scout Cadette Leah will lead you through the first steps to earning the Junior Simple Meals badge. Girls will learn to make Toad in a Hole!

Badgerland's Tracy is back to help you earn Steps 3, 4 and 5 toward completing the Junior Simple Meals badge. Step 3 is making a healthy lunch, Step 4 making a dessert or a holiday dessert and Step 5 is to make your own meal or for the family.

Badgerlander Sarah V shares a Girl Scout song that has long been important to her. Watch to hear her story and learn the song!

Global Action Award Workshop (K-5)
What Would Juliette Do?

Do this activity to work toward earning your Badgerland Stay-at-Home patch!

Hey Daisy Girl Scouts: This aligns with earning the Daisy Petal, Rosie: Making the world a better place.


LIVE Scavenger Hunt for All Ages

With Badgerland's Outreach Coordinator Jieneen, girls will learn how to do their own scavenger hunt and use their 'found' items to create art in a step toward earning the Outdoor Art Badge.






Join us for a presentation on Earth Sustainability, given by Lael Pascual, Manager of the Lussier Family Heritage Center in Madison, WI. Through this webinar, you will learn about how you can help sustain our Earth's health from home during this time and beyond, as well as environmental stewardship opportunities that will allow you to take action. Lael has a background in oceanography, and specializes in wildlife (sea turtles in particular)!

NOTE: This event is for Juniors (4-5), Cadettes (6-8), Seniors (9-10), Ambassadors (11-12) and correlates to the following badges:

Stay at Home Badge-Discover and Be Helpful

Junior-Animal Habitats

Cadette-Eco Trekker

Senior-Eco Explorer Ambassador-Eco Advocate

What You Never Knew About Worms

Learn about nature's way of recycling. In this short video, we'll explore how to convert waste into nutrient-rich soil to grow new plants and give back to the earth. This activity relates to the Gardener Badge.

Missed Knots 101? Watch this playlist to learn a variety of knots with Badgerland expert Eliza.


Seniors - this event is just for you!

In this workshop with Liz Holden, we'll discuss finding inspiration, getting your creative mind in gear and creating memorable characters. Expect lots of fun writing prompts and games and the opportunity to share your work (if you want).

All you need is a pen/pencil, paper and your creativity!

This workshop will be going through "Step 2: Create Great Characters" of the Senior Novelist Badge.

In this workshop with Liz Holden, we'll discuss creating unique plots, maintaining tension and structuring your writing so readers can't put it down! Once again, expect lots of fun writing prompts and games as well as the opportunity to share your work (if you want!).

All you need is a pen/pencil, paper and your creativity!

This workshop will be going through "Step 3: Develop a plot" of the Senior Novelist Badge.

In this video, learn about the science behind spinning wool!

Movie-Making Badge Workshop | Cadettes

With Badgerland's Social Media Specialist Jade M. girls will complete a step toward earning her badge. This is going to be must-attend for Cadettes wanting to produce their own videos during this stay-at-home time.


Create a fun, inspiring space to work,study, read, create, and hang out, using found items, inexpensive purchases, and a little DIY. All girls can use toward the Stay at Home Patch Program - Create  Your Own Stress-Free Zone and Seniors girls can earn their Room Makeover Badge.

Girls grades 6-12 can work toward the STEM Senior Science of Style Badge (Juniors) and the Stay at Home Patch Program (Get Creative, Discover).

Join the Badgerland Art Challenge

Check out the prompts and how to get involved on our blog.

Banzai Financial Literacy programs, provided by Altra

Click here for access to Banzai educational programs and Banzai Coach, a financial coaching program for adults.

1000 Bits of Hope

This Gold Award project by Suhani Singhal includes a video series that explores the stories of successful women in the technology industry.

Ambassadors: May is STEM month. Watch this video to learn how to earn a STEM badge from home!

Seniors: May is STEM month. Watch this video to learn how to earn a badge from home!

Cadettes: May is STEM month. Watch this video to learn how to earn a badge from home!

Juniors: May is STEM month. Watch this video to learn how to earn a badge from home!

Brownies: May is STEM month. Watch this video to learn how to earn a badge from home!

Daisies: May is STEM month! Watch this video to learn how to earn a badge from home and design your own board game!

Brownie Home Scientist Badge Part 1

Girl Scouts will need to complete parts 1 and 2 to earn the badge.

Materials needed: paper and crayons/markers, ½ cup of oil, 1 tablespoon of vinegar, a spoon, and a clear cup or bowl.

Brownie Home Scientist Badge Part 2

In this second session girls will get to make Silly Putty to finish earning their Home Scientist badge! (They will need to complete Sessions 1 and 2 in order to earn the badge.)

For Part 2, girls will need: Paper and markers 1 cup of cornstarch 1 cup of clear soap (could be hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, etc.) A small bowl Spoon for mixing Food coloring to make their putty fun colors

Join Jessica Cady-Bartholomew, trainer and owner of Local Dog Training & Adventure, as she walks you through the steps for completing your Girl Scout Brownie Pets Badge.

To honor the tradition of bridging & our "Bridging Badgerland" event (on June 7), we are going to build our own bridges! Girls will use supplies to build their own bridge as well as learn about what bridging means for Daisy, Brownie, & Junior Girl Scouts.

What Girls Need:

  • Plastic cups
  • Tape/Glue
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Yarn
  • Straws
  • Clay/Playdoh
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Anything that they want to use to create their bridge!

Tune in to listen and learn from Korisa Madayag, Take 2 Creative Camp Program Director at YWCA - Elgin. She will be providing suggestions on how to better your public speaking skills!.

Find poems online or find an old book to read some quotes from
Get set up in front of a mirror or record yourself speaking to hear how you sound.

We will be completing steps 1-4 together on the Zoom meeting.

Cadette Public Speaker Badge Steps:
1. Get a feel for performing solo
2. Focus on body language
3. Find your voice
4. Choose or create a piece to perform
5. Get onstage outside!

Community Service

Badgerland Community Service Challenge

We're challenging Badgerland Girl Scouts to send us 100 ideas on how to make the world a better place in April from home! Send us your ideas, photos, artwork, videos, etc via Facebook, Instagram, or email.

Let's get creative and make a difference this month!

Music for the Soul

A Gold Award project by Badgerland Girl Scout Alex Janis, learn about how music can help individuals with alzheimers and how you can help.

Virtual Troop Meetings

The Virtual Meetings Playbook

Access and use the Girl Scout Zoom account

Virtual Troop Meetings Safety Activity Checkpoints

Technology Guide- a list of resources for hosting virtual troop meetings and staying connected with your fellow Girl Scouts at home

How to Host a Virtual Troop Meeting- a best practices guide for holding virtual troops meetings and staying connected digitally

Zoom Meeting Resource Guide- Instructions and safety information for using Zoom for virtual troop meetings

Staying Connected while Social Distancing
How to Host Your Virtual Troop Meeting
Self-Care Resources



Girls grades 6-12 can work toward the STEM Senior Science of Style Badge (Juniors) and the Stay at Home Patch Program (Get Creative, Discover).


Community Resources
Volunteer Resources

ADULTS: Ready to share a special skill? Have the time and talent to teach? Or a passion to present?

Our Badgerland at Home virtual programs provide online experiences for Girl Scouts from around our council (as well as from around the country). And we're looking for volunteer experts and mentors to collaborate and lead with us!

Come learn how YOU can lead and what it is involved by going through this Virtual Program Sampler! We'll go through the presentation and activity and chat about how we can engage Girl Scouts in an online world.

Time to Connect
A discussion with Bagerland's CEO Marci Henderson and Director of Leadership Development Sarah Rogers about Badgerland's support during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Click this link to “register” to see the video. It will take you right to the video once you’ve entered your information:


Minutes PDF


Managing a Troop while Social Distancing
How to Host Your Virtual Troop Meeting
Communications and Connection Skills for Leaders
Planning Community Events Part 1
For Daisies and Brownies

Outstanding Out-of-Council Events

More info coming soon...