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Ice Age Trail: Mammoth Hike Challenge

Sign up as a troop or on your own.

It's a Wisconsin Girl Scout-only thing. Join the Mammoth Hike Challenge!

The challenge kicks off with virtual trivia nights so you can learn more before hitting the trail. After trivia night, you'll have the whole month to explore non-road sections of the Ice Age Trail. Track your journey in an online trail journal and earn the patch after you hike, walk, run or backpack the Ice Age Trail at least five times and visit one trail community.

How it Works!

How do a I get the Wisconsin Girl Scouts Mammoth Hike Challenge Patch?

1) Register and take part in the Online Trivia Night via gsEvents. This online trivia event will act as a virtual trailhead that'll get you excited and knowledgeable about the Ice Age Trail.

  • Early registration by Sept. 15 to entered into a drawing for Monty the Mammoth stuffy. 
  • All registrants will get a Badgerland and Girl Scouts "hike" prize.

2) Register for the FREE Mammoth Hike Challenge here:

  • Requirements for the separately organized Ice Age Trail Alliance Mammoth Hike Challenge are different. We understand October is busy, so on you honor, try your best. However, it is not required that you accomplish this challenge to earn the Badgerland Wisconsin Girl Scouts Ice Age Trail patch.

3) Hike 5 non-road trails of the Ice Age Trail. 

  • This can be 5 different trails or you can visit trails you love multiple times.
  • Visit this spreadsheet to get planning.
  • Or view this map and trail guide.
  • Or check out these easy day hikes on the Ice Age Trail Alliance website

4) Visit and explore 1 IAT Trail Community. 

  • Visit this page to see the IAT communities.

5) Fill out online entries in the Badgerland Mammoth Hike Challenge Trail Journal.

  1. Please fill out the trail journal after every outing on the IAT.
  2. Complete the final survey in a "Trail Report."

What is the Ice Age Trail's Mammoth Hike Challenge Free Patch?

The Ice Age Trail has its own free patch program as well for the Mammoth Hike Challenge. Yes, you can earn another patch from the Ice Age Trail itself! Requirements:

  1. Sign up on their website here:
  2. Hike 41 miles of the Ice Age Trail.
  3. Visit 3 Trail Communities. 
  4. Fill out the Completion Form on the website, submitted Oct. 15-Nov. 15:

Individual segment chapters also have their own hiking awards programs! You can learn more here: