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Start planning summer because Badgerland Girl Scout Camp is back with so many opportunities!


BADGERLAND BUCKS UPDATE: Badgerland Bucks earned in the Fall 2020 Fall Fundraiser sale and the Spring 2021 Cookie sale expire on September 30, 2021. Use the remaining dollars on that card to pay for summer programs. If you prefer, you can also convert Badgerland Bucks into an online Girl Scout shop gift card. Contact us if you have any questions about redeeming bucks or converting them. If you are uncertain what your balance is on the card or you misplaced the card, we can help!




Grades of Campers

Grades reflect the grade she is completing this spring.

Overnight Opportunities

Available as a child/adult experience at Camp Ehawee and Camp Brandenburg. The camps are called Adventure Pods and registration is through Checkfront with members selecting their type of housing unit, an optional meal plan and add-ons including a themed camp activity kit.

Adventure Pod  Housing and Costs

Lodge Pods

Camp Ehawee: Nakomis Lodge
Camp Brandenburg: Hilltop Lodge

$130 two nights • $195 three nights (for up to 3 guests for complete stay) • $50 per each additional pod guest

StarGazer Pods

Camp Ehawee: Cabins, Yurts or Hammock Village  (YES! We have hammocks!)
Camp Brandenburg: Cabins
$100 two nights • $150 three nights (for up to 3 guests for complete stay) • $50 per each additional pod guest

Canvas Pods

Camp Ehawee: TeePees or Platform Tents
Camp Brandenburg: Platform Tents or Shift Pods (giant tent-like yurts)
$70 two nights • $105 three nights (for up to 3 guests for complete stay) • $50 per each additional pod guest

BOT Pods

Camp Ehawee & Camp Brandenburg: Bring-Own-Tent! Or whatever shelter you wish (but leave the rv at home!)

$50 two nights • $75 three nights (for up to 3 guests for complete stay) • $50 per each additional pod guest

How Many Campers Per Pod?

See the breakdown here

Adventure Pods Meals

Add on a full meal-plan option during check-out.
2-Night Camp Meal Plan: $50 per person
3-Night Camp Meal Plan: $80 per person

Most dietary needs will be accommodated and we’ll connect with campers before they come with a menu. Basic menus will include walking tacos, sandwiches and meat-free choices.

Cooking your own meals is an option. Campers can cook over campfires for hot meals and bring coolers for foods needing cold storage. No kitchen access is available.

Cabin Requests to Be Near Buddies

Yes! There is an opportunity to indicate lodging preferences when registering for Adventure Pods. While we will do our best to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee they will be met.

Non Girl Scout Children at Camp

Hey it’s your Girl Scouts’ special time so we’ll leave the siblings at home. Camps are for Girl Scouts and their grown up to attend together. If your girl wants to bring along her best friend that’s great; we’ll just get her signed up for a GS membership when she’s registering for camp.

Adults at Camp

Grown-ups are not required to have a Girl Scout membership (but, hey, why wouldn’t you want to be a member?!). Girls may be accompanied by mom, dad, nana, grandpa, aunt, troop leader, or a special family friend. All adult attendees and parents of campers will complete forms in advance of camp. We do have special VIP sessions scheduled during the summer including dates for Dads, Nanas and Older Girl Scouts however you can attend any session that works best for your family.

Health Forms and CampDoc

Girls and adults attending Adventure Pod camps will need to complete some questions in CampDoc, but far less extensive than previous years. No physical exam is required.