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Rent a Camp

Take your troop to camp! Girl Scout troops and Program Partners can reserve a Badgerland property for Girl Scout usage.

Rent a Camp. It’s so easy:


Pick a camp, then if it’s a big one like Brandenburg or Ehawee, pick the unit you wish to reserve and see if it’s available. All camps and units listed on the calendar below are reserved.


Property calendars will be opened one month at a time, on the first day of the month. Reservation requests will be processed in the order received. For Girl Scout Members, see the chart below to know if your reservation dates are currently being accepted. All other groups can reserve 1 month prior to your event. Refer to the Property Rental Policy for more detail.

property table

Complete the reservation request form below and a member from our team will be in touch.

 Registered Girl Scout
 Girl Scout Program Partner

Emergency Contact Information
**Parent or other volunteer who will not be on-site with the group but is available during the stay as an emergency contact.


Outdoor Trainings

 TOC 1
 TOC 2
 TOC 1 and TOC 2

Property Information

 Brandenburg Hawks Nest
 Brandenburg Hilltop
 Brandenburg Kinderspielen
 Brandenburg Sumac
 Ehawee Bertha Shuman Lodge
 Ehawee Nakomis Lodge
 DIY Troop Camp @ Camp Black Hawk
Day use fee applies for arrival before 3pm.
Day use fee applies to departures after 2:30pm.

An optional plan of activity insurance is available for non-members who participate in council approved Girl Scout activities. It can be found in the Traveling Troops Guide. This form and payment is due at least 1 week prior to the activity.

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Questions? Email or call 800.236.2710.