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Camp Stetler

You’ve heard of Wisconsin’s Driftless Region, right? Well that’s where Stetler is in Richland County. It’s just outside Richland Center so super-easy to get to.

Camp Stetler features forested ridges rising from grassy valleys. A stream runs through the property with gorgeous trails and steep hills awaiting your footsteps. The rocky ledges are home to two species of rattlesnakes – the timber rattlesnake and the massasauga. Don’t let those snakes scare you away though! Neither protected species is aggressive and will crawl away when sensing your presence.   

The Troop Lodge is fully equipped and makes for a wonderful first overnight camping experience. There’s a kitchen, indoor restrooms, showers, open activity area and a fireplace.

Camp Stetler is not available to rent at this time due to renovations.