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Camp like a G.I.R.L.

Happily Ever Outdoors: The Sneak Peek Summer!


Thank you for an amazing (virutal) Summer Camp 2020 season!

We can't wait to see you next year.

Virtual Camp Trading Post


What is Sneak Peek Camp?

These are single, one day virtual camp experiences based on the very same themes originally scheduled for this summer. There will be Sneak Peek camps for nearly every program listed in the 2020 Summer Camp Book.

  • Camps will consist of a mix of on-her-own activities, video programming and time spent “all together” with other day campers and the camp staff via Zoom.
  • The vision is for day campers to experience (from home) what a typically day at camp is like including the morning flag ceremony, lunch-time together, themed activities and evening campfire.
  • Our Camp Director Anchor will deliver the Sneak Peek camps along with an energetic staff.
  • Sneak Peek camps will be offered by age-level during the week they were originally scheduled.
  • For example,  Brownie Ultimate MessMakers day is August 11, Junior MessMakers is August 12 and Cadette MessMakers is August 12.
  • Sneak Peek camps available virtually include:
    • Camp Ehawee Resident Camps
    • Camp Ehawee Leadership Camps
    • Camp Ehawee Family Camps
    • Camp Brandenburg My First Sleepaway Camps



How do I sign up?

Sign up now!

Registratier hrough your MYGS account.

All camp activities are listed on this page.

How much do Sneak Peek Camps cost?

There is a minimal fee of $10 per session.*

* Complimentary enrollment for 2020 campers who rollover this year’s registration for next year.

Haven’t registered for a Camp Ehawee or Camp Brandenburg session yet? Camp dates have been updated to summer 2021 and registration is open in MyGS! If you register for next summer, you will receive a promo code to sign up for a Sneak Peek Camp during summer 2020.  

My family is unable to pay the $10 fee. Is assistance available?

Financial Assistance is available to families that qualify. You can apply by filling out an application here. Families can also apply by contacting Customer Care at 800.236.2710.  

What is the Summer 2020 Camp Refund Policy?
  • A full refund will be issued to anyone who completed the $10 payment to attend a virtual camp if their refund request was made by the registration deadline. Full refunds will also be issued to anyone who paid the $10 to attend a virtual summer camp if the virtual camp is cancelled, or if they are unable to attend the virtual summer camp due to an illness (doctor's note needed) or death in the family. 
  • If a family cancels their camper's 2021 in-person camp before or after their camper attended the virtual camp for that session and their camper was registered to the virtual camp for free, the family will be fully refunded for the 2021 in-person camp registration. 
  • If a family cancels their camper's 2021 in-person camp but would like their camper, who was not registered to a virtual camp for free, to attend the virtual camp of that session, the family will be fully refunded for the 2021 camp but will need to complete payment for the virtual camp.  
Who will be leading Sneak Peek programs?

Director of Camp Experiences, Jenn “Anchor” Williams is excited to be returning to Ehawee this summer. She will be joined by a small team of enthusiastic staff.

What is a virtual camp? How is this going to work?

Sneak Peeks will be delivered via mixed media channels including videos, emails with activities and live Zoom get-togethers. A week before each camp, your camper will receive an email with details.  

Who can attend Sneak Peek Camps?

ALL Girl Scouts!  Whether or not your girl was previously registered for a camp program, she now has access to attend any (ALL) of the summer activities for her age level.

My girl is already registered and paid for camp this summer. What do I do?


During May, Badgerland will reach out to you directly regarding managing your already-paid summer funds. You have three choices:

  1. If you want to hold her spot at camp for summer 2021, there is nothing you need to do. We will automatically rollover her registration and payment for the same camp next summer (it will be held in the same week next year). She will be locked in for next year AND we’ll sign her up at no cost for this summer’s Sneak Peek Day Camp of that session.
  2. Request a refund. We will refund 100% of your payments, including deposit, bus fees, trading post purchases and dollars. If you opt for the refund, she will not be auto-enrolled in the Sneak Peek Camp but, of course she can sign-up for it at $10 per session. Contact Customer Care at 800.236.2710 or to request a refund.
  3. Transfer your payment (part or all of it) to the 2021 Campership Fund to support low-income Girl Scouts attending camp. If you have the capacity, consider making this generous donation to delight a girl and give her an experience of a lifetime. 


What if I already paid for a camp care kit, camp t-shirt and pre-loaded trading post dollars?

Those purchases will rollover to next year, too, unless you choose to request a refund. It's your choice!

My camper received financial assistance to go to camp. What happens now?

Her registration will rollover for the same camp next summer AND she will be automatically enrolled for this summer's Sneak Peek Camp of that session. Or, if you prefer, the amount the family paid will be refunded to the family upon request. 

What about Badgerland Bucks?

The deadline to use Badgerland Bucks has been extended to March 31, 2021. Use the Bucks for Sneak Peeks, for shop items AND for 2021 camp sign-ups.  


Part of camp is the Trading Post. How is that going to happen?

Any Trading Post dollars loaded into your girl’s account will carry over to next year. T-shirts and Camp Care Kits will also be carried over to summer 2021. Prefer to be refunded? Just let us know.

Check out our Virtual Camp Trading Post here.

What are other Girl Scout councils doing about summer camp?

There are 111 Girl Scout councils throughout the country offering many types of Summer Camp experiences. Each is independent and make decisions that works best for their council.

Can girls from another council – another part of the country or world – attend Badgerland’s Sneak Peek camps?

You bet! Already we have had girls and grown-ups from across the United States attending our spring virtual Girl Scout activities. How amazing is that?!

What about girls who are not members of Girl Scouts?

Do you know a girl who isn’t yet a Girl Scout? Invite her to attend a virtual camp this summer. She’ll get to have amazing experiences and be a Girl Scout! Win-Win!

What about CampDoc?

All health profiles in CampDoc have been deactivated. If you already started completing health information in CampDoc, it will be there waiting for you next spring when accounts are reactivated.