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Grades 6-12 CampHERO


Programs are listed by the grade she is completing this spring.
Register for all CampHERO programs by June 1.

Cadettes | Grades 5-7
July 15-18
Cadettes will be pursuing a criminal in a foot chase, lifting and examining fingerprints, searching for a fire victim, attacking a fire, immobilizing an injured person, CPR and more. Evenings at the “fire station,” girls will perform station duties, hang out with CampHERO Crew Leaders and sleep in the bunks at Camp Brandenburg.

Seniors & Ambassadors | Grades 8-12
July 22-27
You’ll train at Madison College, the same place where real-world protective services professionals learn their careers. During the nights, you’ll bunk at the ‘station’ - also known as Camp Brandenburg! The week is packed with activities from all three careers. Learn how to use the Jaws of Life, handcuff a suspect, conduct a patient assessment, care for an ill or injured person, rappel down a building, communicate using radios and so much more!