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Programs are listed by the grade she is completing this spring.

Grades PreK-K | July 25 | Level 1

Spend a morning discovering what it’s like to be a real-life HERO! Girls and parents will work together alongside police, fire and EMS professionals to learn how they use fingerprinting, firehoses and first aid to make the world a safer place. You’ll even take part in a search and rescue mission.

AWARD EARNED: Girls will earn the Daisy Safety Award.

NOTE: While adults participate for free, registration is required to hold your spot.

Grades 1-2 | July 18 OR 24 | Level 2

This one-day CampHERO session will have girls stepping into the shoes of a police officer, firefighter and EMT/Paramedic with confidence! Try on firefighter gear, practice basic first aid skills, learn about fingerprinting, put out “fires” and participate in a search and rescue mission. She’ll come away with a new sense of adventure and appreciation for the women and men who protect our communities.

BADGE EARNED: Girls will earn the Brownie First Aid Badge.

Grades 3-4 (FULL) | July 16-17 | Level 3

Girl Scouts is all about building girls of courage, confidence and character...and so is CampHERO! Attendees will try their hand at using a fire extinguisher, strapping a patient to a backboard, chasing down a villain and using their voice assertively. All of this with a focus on teamwork and stepping outside her comfort zone. Explore what it takes to be a police officer, firefighter or EMT/paramedic at this event designed to spark an interest in the protective services. Girls will stay overnight at Camp Brandenburg.

BADGE EARNED: Girls will earn the Junior Detective and First Aid Badges.

Grades 5-6 (FULL) | July 13-15 | Level 4

At this CampHERO session, girls will overcome challenges as a team to expand their understanding of the protective services. Learn about blood stain patterns, break down doors (forcible entry), learn CPR, climb ladders and participate in a search and rescue mission. Plus, there will be plenty of time for the favorites like fingerprinting, police tactics, fire attack, immobilization and much more. All of this done side-by-side with professional women and men who are out there doing it every day. Girls will stay overnight at Camp Brandenburg.

BADGE EARNED: Girls will earn the Cadette Special Agent Badge.

Grades 7-9 | July 19-23 | Level 5

Whether she’s seriously considering a career in protective services or not, this CampHERO session will prepare her to take the lead during an emergency. She’ll come away with practice in fire suppression and rescue, assessing, caring for and transporting a medical patient; apprehending a suspect and collecting evidence. All of this done with real equipment alongside real-life public safety HEROs. Girls will stay overnight at Camp Brandenburg.

BADGE EARNED: Girls will earn the Cadette Special Agent Badge or Senior Safety Award.

CamHERO Academy (Grades 10-12 & Young Adults) | July 13-24 |    Level 5

This two-week CampHERO session will prepare young women (up to age 21) for a career or volunteer position as a first responder. Attendees will complete Madison College’s Emergency Medical Responder class and will be provided information on how to become certified in EMR.

*Participants will attend classes at Madison College on the weekdays. Those currently in high school will stay overnight at Camp Brandenburg Monday through Thursday nights, and those 18-21 can choose to go home at 5 p.m. and return to class at 8 a.m. each weekday. All girls will go home on the weekend, unless they sign up to stay at Camp Brandenburg for an additional $130. Those staying will volunteer at the Saturday CampHERO session for younger girls.

P.S. Look for Entry Level Firefighter course in 2021 and a police-focused course in 2022.

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