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Grades K-5 CampHERO


Programs are listed by the grade she is completing this spring.
Register for all CampHERO programs by June 3.

Daisies | Grades Pre-K to Kindergarten
July 27
Daisies and their adult buddies will spend time with police officers, firefighters and EMTs who will lead the activity stations. Do fun things like fingerprinting, bandaging and splinting, fighting ‘fire’ and learning about what happens when you dial 911.

Brownies | Grades 1-2
July 20
Real firefighters, police officers and EMTs lead this day packed with fun. Learn about fingerprinting, search for someone who is lost, put out fires and give first aid. Girls will check out fire trucks, ambulances and police cars.

Juniors | Grades 3-4
July 18-19
During the day girls train with professionals at Madison College facilities. Learn about fingerprinting, police tactics, search and rescue, first aid, ropes and knots, bandages and splinting and more. Overnight, girls enjoy a meal with their crew and bunk at the ‘station’ (Camp Brandenburg) for a night, just like real firefighters!

Cadettes | Grades 5-7
July 14-17
Cadettes will be pursuing a criminal in a foot chase, lifting and examining fingerprints, searching for a fire victim, attacking a fire, immobilizing an injured person, CPR and more. Evenings at the “fire station,” girls will perform station duties, hang out with CampHERO Crew Leaders and sleep in the bunks at Camp Brandenburg.

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