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Camp Levels

A New Tool for Parents

Here's an 'at a glance' way to understand each camp's adventure level!

At Girl Scouts, all programming is ‘progressive’. That means the activities and experiences build on each other - as she gains new knowledge or a new skill she then is ready to take the next step and ‘progress’ to a higher level of activity or experience. In the Girl Scout Camp World, the lingo for this is Outdoor Experience Progression.

In a nutshell, it means that your girl may be ready for a Level 1 experience or Level 3 or even a Level 5. You are the expert on your girl and her level of adventurousness; use the Level Guide as a tool to help determine which camp is right for her. Review the chart below to help you gauge which level camps your girl is ready to tackle. All the summer camp programs are assigned a level - you can quickly reference what that means by reviewing the below chart. 

Levels Only

**A Community-Hosted Girl Scout event refers to a local gathering of Girl Scout troops. For example: Troops in Stoughton get together annually for a Girl Scout community-wide event focused on campfire and outdoor skills at a local park.


Questions about Levels? We love to talk camp!