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Programs are listed by the grade she is completing this spring.

Girls are tomorrow’s architects, carpenters, electricians,! CampBUILD is presented in partnership with Girl Scouts and Madison Area Technical College’s School of Applied Science, Engineering and Technology and its Construction & Remodeling Program.
The school is lending its expertise to deliver top-notch experiences to Girl Scouts in this exclusive one-of-a-kind Badgerland program!

CampBUILD can be done at home!  Why not try activities around designing, building, wiring and welding with "found" supplies. Join our CampBUILD volunteers while they provide you with a combination of recorded videos, written activity instructions and an online space to share your creations. Along the way learn about problem solving, creativity, and innovation. Get excited to join us in 2021 at the in person CampBUILD events! A full schedule and information on how to access the activities will be released in early July. 

CampBUILD: Material Handler | Grades Pre-K to K | August 15

CampBUILD: Skilled Helper |  Grades 1-2 | August 8

CampBUILD: Pre-Apprentice | Grades 3-4 | August 6

CampBUILD: Apprentice | Grades 5-7 | August 4

CampBUILD: Journeyworker | Grades 8-12 | August 11