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Girls are in love with Sloths this fall. Now she can earn even more sloth-themed rewards including sloth socks and, of course, a cuddly sloth plushy.

BFF Sales Through October 25

Looking to earn extra money for troop adventures? It's a little-known fact that the Badgerland Fall Fundraiser has greater profit margins than the Cookie Program...meaning more $ for the troop! Not to mention it builds on the valuable business and life skills girls gain through the iconic Cookie Program.

To participate in the BFF, simply have your troop parents fill out the permission form online prior to October 7 and we'll contact your troop. (A paper version of the permission slip is available here.)

What’s for Sale?
Nuts, sweets, magazines, gifts, and more!

Online Sales
The Badgerland Fall Fundraiser can be done entirely online! All registered girls will receive an email link to set-up their online store, or click the button below to get started. Personalize her page together then send email invitations to friends and family. Online shoppers pay with a credit card and have their orders shipped directly to their address.  

Take the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge before launching her online sale.

Create your online account by clicking on the image below
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