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Long Range Property Plan

We’re excited for the future. And preparing for it now!
Badgerland is in the midst of executing the Long Range Property Plan.

First a little history to explain how we got to where we are today. Development of the strategy was literally years in the making. A volunteer-led, Property Planning Committee was appointed by the Board in 2009 to review, in depth,  all ten Badgerland properties. Their job? Scrutinize all ten properties with an eye for program potential and the cost of bringing properties up to program standards. That committee concluded its work with property-by-property recommendations presented to the Board in April 2013. In the fall of 2013, those proposals were released to the full membership for review and comment. Following the listening and commenting period, the Board voted on the final plan in June 2014.

Property Plan Overview
Here is an outline of the Long Range Property Plan, updated regularly, as Board decisions are made. 


Black Hawk Evaluate plans for the future.


Invest resources at a sufficient level.

Ehawee Invest resources at a sufficient level.

Oakwood Knoll

Property sold March 2019.
Closing Farewell Ceremony held March 3, 2019.


Closed until further notice.



Opened at Northgate Plaza, 3000 Milton Avenue, Suite 113 on July 7, 2015.

La Crosse

Explore options to remain or relocate.


- Ski Lane sold December 2020.
- Temporary office space secured at 131 W. Wilson Street, Madison through June 2021..
- New Leadership Center purchased May 2021 at 4801 S. Biltmore Lane. Move-in summer 2021.


Leased facility.

Property Plan Forms & Resources