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Girl Scout Cookies and Milk Donations Program Expanded for the Second Year

Dane Co Milk and GS Cookies

What goes together better than milk and cookies? Badgerland Girl Scouts and Wisconsin dairy farmers say…nothing!

In the weeks following the wrap-up of the 2018 Girl Scout Cookie season, troops in Dane and La Crosse counties donated just under 8,000 boxes (7,999 to be exact) of cookies to local food pantries. Through a partnership with the dairy promotion committee in each of the counties, every box donated would be matched with either a gallon or half-gallon of milk – eventually adding up to 4,796 gallons total!

The collaboration stems from the Girl Scout Cookie Program philanthropy initiative called ‘Cookie Share’. Cookie customers purchase a box of cookies from a girl or troop, but instead of receiving the cookies, the troop donates them to a charity of their choice at the end of the six-week sale. In this case – food pantries.

“Milk is one of the most requested items among families and individuals served through food pantries, yet rarely donated,” said Dane County Dairy Promotion Committee member John Haag. “Food assistance programs are in need of sources of high-quality protein, and milk is one of the most affordable options. As promoters of the dairy industry, we wanted to find a way to get involved.”

“Cookie Share is just one of the many ways Girl Scouts are actively contributing to their communities”, added Badgerland Girl Scouts CEO Marci Henderson. “Having another local organization like the Dairy Promotion Committee jump on board and offer such a generous contribution shows the girls that what they’re doing in Girl Scouts is truly making a difference.”