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Know and Share the Facts about Girl Scouts

Marci Henderson, CEO of Girl Scouts of Wisconsin-Badgerland

Watch a video from Cristen Incitti, our new Chief Operating Officer, about the Girl Scout Difference.

A Message from the CEO:

Dear Girl Scout Family,
Today our organization faces a new challenge and I'm reaching out for your help. Will you be a champion for Girl Scouts in your community?

Recently the Boy Scouts made the decision to change the name of its signature program to 'Scouts BSA' and to actively recruit girls. This news has resulted in some confusion among families. Here are the facts:

  • Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts are - and have been, since the beginning - two very separate organizations.
  • We proudly own the "Girl" in Girl Scouts. Always have. Always will.
  • At Girl Scouts, girls are front and center. Everything she does as a Girl Scout, is designed with, by and for girls. And research shows there's no better place for her as she navigates growing up.
  • Girl Scouts is proven to help girls thrive and our program fuels the female leadership pipeline with Girl Scout alums dominating boardrooms and government: 1 out of 2 businesswomen in the U.S. and 76% of female U.S. Senators were Girl Scouts.

At Girl Scouts, we are acutely focused on breaking down gender stereotypes and creating supportive spaces exclusively for girls; places where she gains the confidence to take on risks and challenges. We give girls the tools to be socially responsible, civically-minded citizens. And, in an environment where girls are fully aware of movements such as #MeToo, we have a responsibility to guide them in those conversations with courage, confidence and character to ensure their voices are heard.

Ways to Champion Girl Scouts in Your Community

  • Know the facts about who we are at Girl Scouts > The Girl Scout Difference.
  • Encourage your girl to wear her uniform and GS gear to school and in the community. Our shops also have lots of good-looking GS tees, hoodies, bags and caps for grown-ups too.
  • Write a Letter to the Editor of your hometown paper and share your Girl Scouting experience.
  • Make a video testimonial! Use your phone and record a testimonial about what you and your girl love about Girl Scouts. Then email it to us.
  • Be our active ally on Badgerland's social channels - they're all listed below.
  • Renew your Girl Scout memberships for the new Girl Scout year!

Girls are not an add-on or tag-along or an inconvenience. Girls deserve to be on center stage with access to the very best opportunities-and Girl Scouts provides them. There is simply no substitute for Girl Scouts.

Together, we will keep Girl Scouts strong and thriving. Together, we are unstoppable!

Thank You,
Marci Henderson
CEO, Girl Scouts of Wisconsin - Badgerland

P.S. Now is when we encourage girls and volunteers to sign up for another year of experiences with the world's largest leadership development organization for girls. If you haven't done so already, please take a few moments to renew your girl's membership.