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Once a Girl Scout, Always a Girl Scout.
Was your last troop meeting last year? Or last century? It doesn’t matter! You’re a Girl Scout at heart and there’s no better way to reconnect with the sisterhood than being part of the Alumnae Association.

What will you do? Well, we sure seem to spend a lot of time around campfires singing. And eating! And laughing and sharing stories. Bet it sounds like the Girl Scouts you remember doesn‘t it? The only difference is you’re all grown up and now it’s your turn to share your wisdom, time, and talent to help today’s girls discover the special bonds that come only from being part of Girl Scouts.

Sounds like fun! Get reconnected now.

Complete this short form to give us a peek into your Girl Scout journey and alumnae interests. We’ll be in touch.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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So long ago you can’t remember? You can ballpark it with a decade!
 I want to hear all about the Alumnae activities coming up in my community.
 I'd like to learn more about giving opportunities.
 I want to learn more about volunteering opportunities.