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Leaders Awards

The Badgerland LEADERS Awards recognize volunteers who exemplify one of the qualities listed below. These volunteers abide by the Girl Scout Promise and Law, encourage the same attributes in each of our members, and show progression as a leader. They can be involved at any level of volunteering -  from first-year to long-time volunteers, parent helpers to Service Unit Leadership Team members.  Volunteers can be nominated for more than one award, however, can only be awarded one letter per year. Volunteers, over time, can strive to collect all seven! 

  • Leadership Award – This volunteer is confident, responsible, and committed to changing the world for the better! They are happiest when others join in taking the lead.

  • Entrepreneurship Award – Dedicated to a volunteer who is leading the way when it comes to helping Girls become entrepreneurs – Think about someone who is a rockstar during the Cookie and/or Badgerland Fall Fundraiser sales.

  • Amateur Award – Awarded to a first-year leader who has has successfully taken on the challenge and shown dedication, determination, creativity, and strength. 

  • Development Award – This award is aimed towards leaders of older Troops helping to develop young leaders. This volunteer is bold, honest, goal-oriented, ambitious and determined to help the Troop succeed. 

  • Emeritus Award – Awarded to a long-time volunteer who might not have children directly involved in Girl Scouts but remains active in the Council. This volunteer steps up to continue bringing the Girl Scout experience to Troops, Service Units, or the Council as a whole.

  • Rising Star Award – Awarded to a newer leader who is always looking for creative ways to help Girls and Troops take action. This Rising Star is innovative and loves a challenge – they know how to get things done!

  • Service Unit Superhero  – Awarded to a volunteer who has stepped up to be a community leader.