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Volunteer Resources

We’ve got all the resources you need to be a successful Girl Scout volunteer.

Community Resources

Promotional Materials
Looking for ways to recruit girls and volunteers? Want to hand out Girl Scout info at a community event? Use the forms below to request personalized troop flyers or Girl Scout recruitment materials.

Event Planning
Planning a community event? Use the guides below to help make it amazing!

Brand and Logo

Brand Checklist

If you’re making your own flyer, form or other piece of Girl Scout material, follow this easy checklist to make sure it matches our Girl Scout brand:

  1. Guidelines: Please review these guidelines determine which servicemark you want to use for your project, and to make sure you’re using servicemarks and trefoils correctly.
  2. Colors: All Girl Scouts of Wisconsin-Badgerland materials should use official Girl Scout colors. A full list of colors and their corresponding codes are below. 
  3. Servicemark: Is our servicemark in the top left-hand corner of your document? If so, great! If not, please add it.
  4. Full Name: Instead of shortening our organization's name to GSWIBC, please use our full name—Girl Scouts of Wisconsin-Badgerland. This helps people recognize our organization and limits confusion.
  5. Font: Please use Arial for all your Girl Scout communications!

Right click on the following images and "save as" to your computer.

Girl Scouts Servicemark


Badgerland Servicemark




Girl Scout Trefoil                 Girl Scout Trefoil-black

question mark in circle


If you have logo/branding questions, or require a servicemark in a different format, please contact the Marketing Team.