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Service Units

Overview of Service Units

What is a Service Unit?

A Girl Scout Service Unit is a community of volunteers and girls in a geographic area defined by a cluster of schools. The Service Unit (or SU) is your connection to Badgerland and GSUSA, providing an essential support system that organizes trainings, mentorship, girl programs, girls, and families.

Badgerland is comprised of 31 unique Service Units that incorporate our council’s diverse footprint.

What Service Units Do

Each Service Unit has a shared goal: to best serve the needs of its girls and volunteers.

  • Maintain positive, relevant and consistent communication
  • Host events for girls to make friends and learn new skills
  • Ensure Girl Scouts has a visible community presence
  • Recruit and retain a vibrant Girl Scout membership
  • Support troops and leaders during the Product Programs

And the best part… Service Units hold meetings every other month where they share information about upcoming events and new information from Badgerland and GSUSA with representatives from each troop. All troops must have someone present at each SU meeting to receive impactful updates.

Why Service Units are Important

Your Service Unit is so much more than just leader meetings and updates! Connecting with your SU regularly has tons of amazing benefits:

  • Find out about upcoming events and activities
  • Learn from leaders who have “been there and done that”
  • Connect with older troops who can help you or younger troops you can help
  • Learn Girl Scout best practices
  • Hear first-hand about Badgerland and GSUSA specific information
  • Making new friends and strengthen our community sisterhood
How to Get Involved
  • Get connected to your SU Facebook Group
  • Plan to attend your next Service Unit Leader Meeting
  • Get registered for your next SU event or activity
  • Interested in volunteering with your service unit? Review the various roles in the drop-downs below or email us to learn more

Service Unit Teams and Roles

Your Service Unit is supported and guided by its own Service Unit Leadership Team. Your SU team is made up of volunteers, like you, who are passionate about Girl Scouting in your community and have taken the lead in a specific area of strength or interest. SU Team roles center around three focus areas; Operations, Support, and Program. The expectations of each role vary based on volunteer time, skillset, and seasonality.

Service Unit Operations

As part of the Service Unit Leadership Team, Operation Roles are responsible for the administration, communication, financial viability, and fund development needs of the Service Unit.

Service Unit Operations Lead

The Service Unit Operations Lead ensures the SU is organized, cohesive and on track to meet the SU goals.

Service Unit Administrative Lead

The Service Unit Administrative Lead runs and takes notes during meetings, maintains the SU roster and the accuracy of SU records.

Service Unit Communications Lead

The Service Unit Communications Lead spreads the good news about the great things that Girl Scouts and volunteers are doing within the community.

Service Unit Treasurer

The Service Unit Treasurer is responsible for the administrative oversight of the SU bank account, finances and required financial reporting.

Service Unit Development Lead

The Service Unit Development Lead assists with coordinating SU fundraising and money earning initiatives.

Service Unit Support

As part of the Service Unit Leadership Team, Support Roles are responsible for volunteer training and recognition, recruitment, retention, and mentorship needs of the Service Unit.

Service Unit Support Lead

The Service Unit Support Lead is responsible for the oversight of SU volunteers as they work to recruit, retain and support girls and volunteers.

Service Unit Training and Recognition Lead

The Service Unit Training and Recognition Lead promotes training opportunities and girl and volunteer recognitions.

Service Unit Recruitment Lead

The Service Unit Recruitment Lead promotes Girl Scouts within SU to engage with prospective families, host local recruitment events.

Service Unit School Coordinator

The Service Unit School Coordinator serves as the connection and advocate for Girl Scouts at the assigned school.

Service Unit Welcome and Mentorship Lead

The Service Unit Welcome and Mentorship Lead introduces new volunteers to the SU and provides ongoing support for new and continuing leaders.

Service Unit Program

As part of the Service Unit Leadership Team, Program roles are responsible for events and activities, day and overnight outdoor experiences, and fall and cookie product programs participation needs of the Service Unit.

Service Unit Program Lead

The Service Unit Program Lead ensures a balanced offering of events, activities, product programs and experiences for the SU.

Service Unit Product Program Lead – BFF

The Service Unit Product Program Lead - BFF provides SU volunteer support and guidance throughout the BFF Program.

Service Unit Product Program Lead – Cookies

The Service Unit Product Program Lead - Cookies provides SU volunteer support and guidance throughout the Cookie Program.

Service Unit Cupboard Lead

The Service Unit Cupboard Lead coordinates all aspects of cookie cupboard operation and provides cookies to troops.

Service Unit Events Lead

The Service Unit Events lead oversees the planning, marketing and execution of SU level events that align with the GSLE.

Service Unit [Event Name] Coordinator

The Service Unit [Event Name] Coordinator takes the lead in the organizing, planning and facilitating of a specific event at the SU level.

Service Unit Camp/Encampment Lead

The Service Unit Camp/Encampment Lead plans exceptional day and overnight outdoor experiences at the SU level.