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Council Patches

Earn Badgerland Council Patches

Girls are able to connect with their community on a whole new level through council patch programs!


Innovate for Impact

for girls in grades 2-12

Today’s Girl Scouts are tomorrow’s innovators who will come up with the Next Big Thing. This patch program is all about giving girls the foundation to kick-start their imaginations and experimentation. 

Earn the 4-Part, Pie-Shaped Patch


Have you ever played with Play-doh? Play-doh was invented in the 1950s by a soap company to help clean coal residue from wallpaper. What?! When washable wallpaper was invented, the company started to go out of business. So what did they do? They found a new way to use the product. That’s called innovation! Now, Play-doh is a massive industry and helps kids around the globe make their ideas and inventions come to life.

> To earn this pie-slice, uncover and test an app, device or toy that started out its life doing something else and became a world-changing innovation! What will you discover? 


Have you ever heard of Hedy Lamar? Hedy was an actress in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s but she was also an inventor. During World War II, she worked with composer George Antheil to make a radio guidance system for torpedoes! When the US Navy adopted the technology in the 1960s, Hedy and George’s work was used to develop Bluetooth and WiFi! WOW! 

> To earn this pie-slice, connect with an inventor and find out how they made their innovation for impact. What inspired them? What did their invention change? What are they working on next? Where do you meet an inventor? You can start at a local company, search for patents at the US Patent and Trademark Office (, or start by investigating the thing that interests you and looking up who made it.


Wisconsin is one of a handful of states that is focused on innovation. Since the beginning of our state’s history, citizens of the Badger State have produced amazing new things to make our country a better place to live. Some of these inventions include: the first gas-powered farm tractor, the first radio station, the first electric guitar, the first mechanical tree planter, and the first telephone answering machine. Wisconsin’s business spaces are buzzing with inventors and innovations just waiting to be discovered.

> To earn this pie-slice, visit a business or innovation center in your community and take a tour. What are some things you notice about the space and the people that seem unusual for a place where people go to work? What do the offices look like? Are there creative spaces? Does it look similar to a classroom or a library or…an arcade? How do you think these unique spaces help people create and innovate to impact the world? 


In 1959, Grace Hopper, a pioneer in computer programming, foresaw a problem in computer programming. The cost of programming a computer was rising every day because every computer system was different and they were all being invented at once. In 1951, for example, 11 new languages were released! Grace suggested that a single language be written across all computers to make it easier to learn programming and try it out. The program she helped to create, COBOL, was designed to work like the English language, making it easy to understand and use. It was used for over fifty years before being retired in 2014.

> To earn this pie-slice, think about a problem you can see. It could be a problem that is very big or very small. Is there something that already exists that you can improve or innovate to make an impact on the problem? 



for girls in grades 2-12

Be your own boss and make money doing what you love this year as an entrepreneur! Discover what an entrepreneur is, brainstorm the perfect business idea for you, develop a business plan, develop your product, decide how much you want to sell it for, and then sell it to make real money! 

>> How to Earn the BossGIRL Patch


Girl Scout Makers
for girls in grades K-12

Makers create, build, design and engineer amazing things every day. Girl Scout Makers will learn to use technology to make a difference. Makers Kits are available for check-out at all Badgerland Service Centers. Each kit includes all the pieces your girls need to complete the steps to earn the patch along with simple instructions and an Adult Learning Guide. Girls do not need to be in a certain level to earn that patch. For example, a Junior troop could earn the Brownie and Junior Makers patches.

  • Daisy Makers Kit: Buttons and switches are at your fingertips with Snap Circuits Extreme.
  • Brownie Makers Kit: Use littleBits to create your own amazing invention.
  • Junior Makers Kit: Click blocks of code together like Legos to program a tiny computer.
  • Cadette Makers Kit: Ready to write your own code? Follow along with Super Awesome Sylvia.
  • Senior Makers Kit: Write the soundtrack of your life with a computer the size of a library card.
  • Ambassador Makers Kit: Code, create and test your own Android app.

Check-Out Form | $30 deposit for each kit


Inspiration Project Patch Program

for girls in grades K-5

Work together as a troop, with friends and family to inspire our communities with exciting take action or community service projects throughout Badgerland!

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