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For Cookie Sellers

Orlando Trip Options

19 Adventure Points

3-Day Phenom OR 2-Day Disney + 1-Day Phenom

July 19 – 23

For three days in July, Girl Scouts is taking over Orlando! Hosted by Girl Scouts of the USA, this mega event will provide you with unforgettable experiences. Whichever trip you select, you’ll get to experience the Phenomenal world-wide movement of Girl Scouting during your time at Phenom. There will be unbelievable opportunities to meet sister Girl Scouts from literally everywhere. This global Girl Scout gathering only happens every three years so this is your chance to be part of something HUGE. Do it!

Your choice of a 3-day Phenom only pass or a 1-day Phenom pass to the Hall of Experiences with two-days at Disney.

Trip Reward Details for Two Includes:

  • Ticketing for girl and her adult
  • Round trip flights to Orlando (see FAQs for departure airports)
  • Transportation to/from airports
  • Four Nights Shared Hotel (rooms will be booked for four and you will be paired with another Girl Scout and her adult)
  • Experience Passes for Two to Your Choice of either:
    • Phenom: 3 days, full-day event schedule (does not include Epcot day or Bridging Ceremony)  OR
    • Disney World: Two Disney Days + One Phenom Hall of Experience Day

30 Adventure Points

Same as above EXCEPT...

July 19 – 25

This adventure includes the same exciting options as the 19 point trip with an additional three days and two nights tacked on to your travel. Your choice to do what you want at your own expense. We’ll pay the hotel and you book your own Orlando-area adventures with your bonus days.

Orlando Schedule


Wednesday, July 19: Fly to Florida

Thursday, July 20: Free day until Opening Ceremony at 7 pm (pool time and beyond!)

Friday, July 21: Girl Scout Phenom and Hall of Experiences 9:30–5:30

Singing After Dark 9 – 10 pm

Saturday, July 22: Girl Scout Phenom and Hall of Experiences 9:30–5:30

Closing Ceremony 6-7pm

Sunday, July 23: Travel home


Wednesday, July 19: Fly to Florida

Thursday, July 20: Disney World Park of Your Choice

Friday, July 21: Disney Park OR Hall of Experiences 9:30–5:30

Singing After Dark 9 – 10 pm

Saturday, July 22: Disney Park OR Hall of Experiences 9:30–5:30

(whichever you didn’t do yesterday!)

Sunday, July 23: Travel home


Same as options above except

Sunday, July 23: Your Choice Free Day

Monday, July 24: Your Choice Free Day

Tuesday, July 25: Travel home

Orlando Trip FAQ

Are you goaling to earn Orlando?

Let us know now so that we can get your Phenom tickets now. Not sure, it’s OK. There’ll still be room and we will be excited to see you join us when you have reached your goal. Complete this form.

Who is coordinating my travel and when?

Badgerland will book and schedule your travel, hotel, and ticketing. The schedule will be provided to you by early May. We cannot finalize air travel until all the rewards are finalized at the conclusion of the Cookie Program. We can, however, confirm you will be traveling on the dates listed with the rewards.

What are the departing airports?

Flights will be available from either Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, or Chicago airports. Flights are determined based on where Top Cookie Sellers live (we have girls from 23 counties!) and which reward they select.

Where’s the hotel?

Badgerland Girl Scouts will have a blast at the Disney All-Stars hotel! Yes there are pools!

Will I be sharing a hotel room?

Yes. There will be four guests per room with two Girl Scouts and two adults. If you are traveling with Girl Scout friends who also earned the trip, there will be opportunity for you to pair up.

Can I add additional family members to our trip?

Sorry, no. Because this trip is exclusive to girls who earned it through the Cookie Program, other family members will not be able to attend.

Can I change my travel dates to add more time to the adventure?

Sorry no customization. We are purchasing group airline tickets, so Girl Scouts will travel on the same flight schedule.

What if I already registered for Phenom? Can I still earn this trip?

Yes! We will reimburse either the troop or the family, depending on who paid registration.

Are COVID vaccinations required?

No. COVID vaccines are not required but highly recommended.

What if I want to go somewhere other than Disney World?

Go for it! There’s so much to do in the Orlando area. If you want to explore other parks, feel free to book your own tickets and transportation to and from the hotel at your expense.

Is luggage included in our airfare?

A carry-on bag is generally allowed for free, however, if you choose to check at bag you will be responsible for the fee ($30-$50 per bag depending on the carrier).

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